Under the bridge’s cover<br> Carl + Gabrielle

Under the bridge’s cover
Carl + Gabrielle

Rumor says that since it’s construction, at the end of the 19th century, sweethearts came under the cover of that bridge to share their love and exchange promises of wedding. That magnificent location was ideal to celebrate the union of Gabrielle and Carl.

The sailor and the bride<br> Frédérique + Bruno

The sailor and the bride
Frédérique + Bruno

Is it possible to celebrate a themed wedding without it becoming cheesy ? Nothing was more natural for Frederique & Bruno. Boating being an integral part of their lives it easily meshed with the day’s celebrations. From the groom and groomsmen’s sailboat race in the morning to the nautically inspired vows, their personality was well […]

Home is where the heart is<br> D’Hauterive + Sergerie

Home is where the heart is
D’Hauterive + Sergerie

It’s on their own estate, in the eastern townships near Dunham, that Chantal and Pascal decided to celebrate their big day. Amidst the duality between the majestic landscapes and the simple, no fuss celebrations we discovered a thoroughly genuine couple and family. With strangers becoming friends, it felt just like home.

Quand l’Italie rencontre St-Roch-de-l’Achigan<br>Jessie + Riccardo

Quand l’Italie rencontre St-Roch-de-l’Achigan
Jessie + Riccardo

When Riccardo met Jessie, he did not know the existence of St-Roch-de-l’Achigan. Yet, it was a women from this small town in the Province of Quebec that would totally change his life. Since then, they were always close to each other. They have a ton of beautiful stories to share and no doubt that the […]

Winter wedding at the manor<br> Kimberley + Sebastien

Winter wedding at the manor
Kimberley + Sebastien

Kim was never one to do things just like everybody else. What better way to ring in the new year than to get married on January 31st surrounded by all your loved ones?

Just a Nice Old Fashioned Italian Wedding<br>Cristina + Matthew

Just a Nice Old Fashioned Italian Wedding
Cristina + Matthew

Great food, great wine and passion : the winning recipe for a classic Italian wedding. Cristina and Matthew met in highschool… in detention ! Since then they’ve never left each other’s side. Their wedding reflects their love: flamboyant, sincere and colorful.

Slow Motion Happiness <br> Kimberley + Sébastien

Slow Motion Happiness
Kimberley + Sébastien

Confettis, feathers, a dash of craziness, pure joy and love, lots and lots of love. Slowed-down for your pleasure.

Sun Under the Rain <br> Josiane + Matthew

Sun Under the Rain
Josiane + Matthew

Rainy wedding, happy days. As Matthew says, no matter the weather Josiane is the sunshine in his day. Watch their wonderful day illuminated by their own radiance and romanticism. Who needs the sun anyways ?